Oxygen Concentrators


Orion Group International is pleased to offer two excellent oxygen concentrators. The popular Nydek Lite, Mark 5 concentrator offers up to five liters per minute. We also have the same Nydek Lite unit that offers up to 8 liters per minute.


The Nydek is available for 115v/60Hz or 230v/50Hz. Power consumption is only 300 watts (+/- 10) making it very comfortable for us at home or in a Spa setting. The flow is adjustable and lockable from 0.125 to 5.0 liters per minute or 0.125 to 8.0 liters per minute. It is a compact, quiet unit. Please contact us for excellent pricing on this top-of-the-line unit.




Medical Grade Concentrators


Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrators are available to meet the demands of therapeutic Oxygen applications from 3 LPM to 7 LPM.  Highly reliable with long term durability, these systems can provide 90% to 95% Oxygen under the most demanding conditions. These systems can also be used for many other applications such as; brazing, welding, fish tanks, etc. (110 VAC/60 HZ or 220 VAC 50 HZ systems available)


Spa Grade Concentrators


Spa Grade Oxygen Concentrators can be used for a wide range of non-medical applications.  Supplemental Oxygen can be breathed to enhance many physiological function and to promote personal well-being.  These system are especially effective wherever physical manipulation is involved and to promote better mental clarity. Applications include:


Residential, Day Spas, Massage Therapy, Oxygen Bars, Nursing Homes, Employee Lounges,  Work Groups,  Board Rooms, etc.