Nitrogen Generation Systems


Orion Group International offers a complete range of on-site PSA Nitrogen Generation systems. PSA technology allows for high purity (near 100%) of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is widely used by a range of industrial clients to reduce or eliminate oxidation in raw material and food processing. For example, the “air” in a packet of chips is not air; it is Nitrogen. The air we breathe contains roughly 78% nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, and 0.9% argon (an inert gas). The balance is comprised of other gases. The oxygen is separated from the air using PSA Technology. The process centers around a molecular sieve known as Zeolite. At high pressures the sieve adsorbs oxygen, and at low pressures it desorbs or releases oxygen. PSA generators consist of two tanks filled with sieve crystals. As high pressure air (about 70 psi) is introduced into the first tank, it passes through the sieve and oxygen is adsorbed. The remaining nitrogen and argon are piped to a buffer or storage tank.


Just before the first tank becomes completely saturated with oxygen, the feed air is redirected to the second tank which then repeats the above process. While this is happening the first tank is then vented to atmosphere allowing the oxygen to escape from the sieve. To complete the readiness of the first tank, a small amount of the nitrogen is used to purge it. This process is repeated over and over again producing a continuous flow of nitrogen. When clean and dry air is used and under otherwise normal conditions, the sieve will last indefinitely.


Orion’s PSA systems produce Nitrogen on demand, anytime, anywhere, with 100% up-time and with a purity from 95% to 99.9995%. Orion can provide a system with the capacity to match your requirements for flow, purity and pressure, as required for your industrial or commercial process. Additionally, the Orion system can fill cylinders to a high pressure.


Orion systems are fully automatic and highly reliable. They produce Nitrogen immediately upon startup and run continuously with little maintenance – typically just an hour every three months.