Orion Group International is now working with Perry Baromedical Corporation to supply high purity, low cost Oxygen for a wide range of medical treatment applications. Hyperbaric treatment has become an important health management tool for the treatment of wounds, diabetes, and many other health afflictions. There are two major components to the hyperbaric treatment process: a hyperbaric chamber capable of achieving pressures of 3.0 ATA and high purity Oxygen to provide maximum healing benefits.




Orion Group International can supply Oxygen Generating System to supply all the needs of Hyperbaric Treatment facilities and at extremely low costs as compared to liquid Oxygen systems. Liquid Oxygen system are costly in termed of maintenance and continual replacement of storage tanks. With PSA Oxygen Generators, Oxygen is generated onsite from ambient air as needed to supply high pressure Oxygen banks that are used to provide the flow rates needed for efficient hyperbaric chamber operations. Capital amortization and operation costs can run at a third or half of cryogenically-based systems.



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This Emergency Hyperbaric chamber is capable of obtaining 2.0 ATA. It is fully transportable by hand or by helicopter.







This Hyperbaric chamber are fully transportable by hand.