About The Company



Orion Group International (Orion) was  formed in 1996 to meet the worldwide demand for on-site, cost-effective solutions for the generation of Oxygen, Nitrogen and other gases utilizing Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. With PSA technology, Oxygen, Nitrogen and other gases can be produced at a fraction of the cost of cryogenically created gases.   


By extracting the Oxygen or Nitrogen from the air we breathe through PSA technology, these gases can be produced economically and efficiently on site and on demand. In addition, on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen systems eliminate logistic and transportation concerns, which have been major obstacles for the distribution of cylinder Oxygen.  


In 1997 technology became available to produce Oxygen on site with up to 99% purity. This dramatically increased market applications, including specialized welding applications and some medical environments where 99% purity is required. This makes PSA-produced Oxygen highly competitive with cryogenically-produced Oxygen for medical requirements. 


Orion now provides a full range of gas-generating systems to meet any and all on-site requirements for Oxygen, Nitrogen or Ozone. For example, Orion offers a range of Oxygen Concentrators in both Medical Grade (90% to 95%) and Spa Grade (60% to 80%) levels of purity. 


In addition to medical-gas-generation systems, Orion can now meet virtually all of your medical-supply and hospital-equipment requirements. Please visit our “Products" pages for more information. Orion offers several lines of modular hospital construction systems and can help you design a low-cost medical facility to meet your specific needs. Orion can provide a fully equipped, turnkey solution to your specifications.


Orion offers a range of high-pressure compressors that are cost effective and highly reliable; they can be coupled with any of our on-site gas-generation systems to create reserves of high-pressure gas or to build gas-distribution facilities to support off-site demand.